Be honest, who wouldn’t love to smell great all day? There’s nothing sweeter than someone telling you that you smell great. Still, covering yourself from head to toe in the best perfume for him/ her at 7 am to stepping foot in the office at 9 am, it all seems as though your signature scent is nothing but a fond memory. 

Well, that’s where we come in. With just a few simple

As a way to pledge your loyalty to your favourite celeb, or to give life to your prestigious inner diva, celebrity perfumes are a great deal that everyone should most definitely invest their fortunes in. To even simply be able to breathe sheer luxury, celebrity perfumes can never go wrong. Celebrity perfumes don’t stop at giving you full fragrance coverage that lingers on to you for your entire day, they

Finding a good fragrance that compliments your personality is no less than finding a soul mate for life. Once you know the fragrance you want then everything seems to be like a piece of cake. However, with so many available choices it is not so easy to pick the one that goes with your style. That is exactly what we are here for. We have compiled a list of top

Everyone loves to smell good and own some amazing fragrances. Some people spend a great deal of time in researching about a perfume that they want to call theirs and some just buy it like that.

For the latter ones, we at Awesome Perfumes have come up with a list of things that you must know before buying a perfume for either yourself or for gifting purpose.

Perfume, Eau de Parfum and

It is a well-accepted fact that women find those men more attractive who smells good. Your perfume is a major part of your personality and you would not want to go wrong by messing it up. Therefore we have compiled a list of 8 sexiest best cologne for men, from the women.

Burberry Brit by Burberry for men

Brit for Men holds an elegant and effortless style of a gentleman.


Most of the times, people have a hard time understanding the difference between a perfume and eau de cologne. Many differentiate them on the basis of gender but contrary to the notion; it has nothing to do with gender. It is differentiated mainly on the basis of concentration of essential oils in the fragrance’s water and alcohol base. The concentration decides that how long the scent is going to last

Gone are the days when a lady couldn’t use men’s perfume and vice versa. Now, there are a number of unisex perfumes available in the market and there are no gender-based restrictions. You can finally get the scent you want without someone telling you that it is too floral for you! Some of the unisex perfumes that you are going to be in love with are-

Paco Unisex by Paco

Everyone wants to smell great because the fragrance can literally make or break the impression of a person. However there is a great variety of fragrances out there and it could be a real task to pick one which would go with both your personality and taste as well. We have simplified the task for you by making a list of very sexy perfumes which you will totally fall in

No look is complete without a good perfume. There is a wide range of perfume to select from which can cause confusion. But your search ends right here. Below is a list of perfumes you must own to not only feel confident but to enhance your collection as well-

September Morn by Byblos:

September Morn was launched in 2017 and the man behind it is Pierre Gueros. It is the true

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