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Fendi perfumes and fragrances bring class and charisma to your everyday life, with an artisan Italian flair. As one of the legendary Italian fashion houses, Fendi continues to take the world by storm with their creative design and innovation. Fendi perfumes were launched in 1985 and have been a part of the exclusive fashion house’s collection ever since. Whether you’re looking for a floral, woody or musky scent, Fendi has something for you. All of their fragrances come in bottles that embody Fendi-style luxury, and each has a unique story behind the scent. Here at, you can find the perfect Fendi perfume to add to your collection– whether it’s a classic fragrance or something new.

Fendi furiosa by Fendi 1.7 oz Eau De Parfum Spray for Women

Fendi perfumes have something for both men and women. From bold, strong fragrances to delicate, sensual perfumes, Fendi has a scent to match any personality. For a contemporary yet timeless scent, Rogue Five by Fendi is a popular men’s fragrance. With notes of rhubarb, musk and leather, this fragrance is both masculine and subtle. On the women’s side, Fendi has released the iconic L’Acqua di Fiori. This light and airy fragrance has sparkling citrus notes of bergamot, pink peppercorn and delicate wildflowers. With a touch of powdery white musk, this unique scent is perfect for day and night.

Fendi has also released several unisex fragrances that work for both men and women. The floral-fruity fragrance Furioso is a blend of crisp cranberry, raspberry and modern patchouli. It combines the addictive sweetness of ripe fruits with the intriguing energy of electrifying patchouli for a unique experience that’s out of this world. The woody cologne Impossible Fendi captures the duality of the Fendi world with its mix of oriental woody and aromatic elements. It opens with a surprising blend of artemisia and bergamot, combined with a sparkling mint accord. Robust patchouli and warm cedar notes provide a modern finish to this sophisticated scent.

Fendi fragrances continue to be popular because of their classic looks, unique stories and variety of scents. Whether you’re looking for a daring Fendi cologne or a delicate Fendi perfume, has something for everyone. Shop our collection of Fendi perfumes and find that perfect scent to add something special to your days and nights.

Fendi Fragrance

Fendi fragrances are inspired by the Italian fashion house’s luxurious, pioneering and glamorous heritage. Master perfumers have come together to create signature Fendi colognes and perfumes that bring a spark of creativity and innovation to the world of fragrances. Fendi fragrances offer something for everyone– from daring men’s colognes to sophisticated women’s perfumes.

Fendi has released several iconic fragrances over the years. Fan di Fendi is a classic fragrance that portrays Fendi’s vibrant and modern personality. This scent is inspired by the happiness of a women who loves fashion and enjoys the fleeting moments of life. The opening of this fragrance is a light and fresh accord of mandarin, pear sorbet and bergamot. At the heart, notes of frangipani, lotus, jasmine and tuberose create a hint of sweetness and femininity, while the base has a creamy effect with sandalwood and musk.

For men, Extreme Pour Homme features aromatic herbal notes combined with woody aromachemicals and citrus. This dynamic cologne opens with a sparkling blend of vetiver, neroli and greens. The heart of this scent combines a more invigorating aroma with the luxurious, earthy aroma of patchouli. The base notes of labdanum and sandalwood bring a musky, oriental finish to this mesmerising scent.

Fendi fragrances are crafted with the artisanship and passion that have made Fendi a leader in fashion. Their distinctive fragrances travel across cultures, drawing influence from all corners of the globe. Whether you’re looking for a daring cologne or chic perfume, Fendi fragrances can add the perfect touch of Italian flair to your aura. Shop our collection of Fendi fragrances to find the perfect scent for you.

Fendi Perfume

Fendi perfumes embody the world-renowned Italian fashion house’s contemporary and modern style. Drawing inspiration from both Italy and the rest of the world, Fendi perfumes have something for both men and women. From classic fragrances that have been around for years to the latest releases, Fendi perfumes are crafted in Italian with artisanship and passion.

Fendi perfumes are perhaps best known for their floral fragrances. Fan di Fendi Blossom is a feminine scent that captures the joyful emotions of springtime. This fragrance is a blend of delicate florals and refreshing fruit in the top notes. The heart of the scent combines peony, yellow freesia, cyclamen and rose for a hint of sweetness. The base is the perfect mix of sandalwood and musk for a long-lasting and luxurious finish.

For men, the woody herbal cologne Boost Catégorie is an excellent choice. This fragrance combines an energising blend of cardamom, pink pepper and vetiver with an oriental accord of tonka bean and patchouli. The result is a masculine, sophisticated scent that’s perfect for the modern man.

Fendi perfumes have something for everyone. Their refusal to let go of traditional techniques while still innovating in their fragrances allows Fendi to stay ahead of the curve in the world of perfumery. Whether you’re looking to capture your joyful emotions with a floral scent or you’re looking for a unique signature scent, Fendi perfumes have something for you. Visit for our selection of Fendi perfumes and find the perfect fragrance for you.

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