English Laundry Fragrances

English Laundry is a men’s and women’s designer clothing and fragrances brand, founded by designer Christopher Wicks and named after a street in the heart of London’s fashion district. Since launching the brand in 2001, the company has developed a reputation for creating unique and luxurious fragrances.

English Laundry fragrances combine traditional masculine scents such as leather and cedarwood with floral notes and fruity elements, resulting in a collection of perfumes which are sophisticated, modern and alluring. The range consists of many eau de parfums, colognes and shower gels for men, as well as a wide selection of perfumes for women.

English Laundry Fragrance

English rose by English laundry .8 oz Mini EDP for Women

The signature English Laundry fragrances for women are often sweet, modern and exciting. Amongst their bestselling scents are the feminine and refreshing Signature for Her, the floral and sensual Plume, the romantic and enigmatic No 7, the floral and exotic Arrogant and the classic and timeless Oxford Bleu.

For men, the most popular men’s fragrances include the spicy and vibrant Signature for Him, the sensual and seductive Montauk, the sophisticated and charismatic Notting Hill, the classic and timeless Oxford Bleu, and the woody and masculine French Riviera.

When it comes to the application of a spray, English Laundry perfumes last between 4-6 hours on skin and fabric. All their fragrance are long lasting and feature a higher percentage of fragrance oils which provide better aromatic longevity.

English Laundry Perfume

Whether you’re looking for a bold and confident scent for a special occasion, or a timeless classic for everyday wear, English Laundry has it all. Their fragrance range is suitable for the man and woman of the modern age who appreciate luxury and want something that is out of the ordinary.

The English Laundry perfumes are sophisticated, timeless and perfect for any occasion. They are designed to be modern, sophisticated and luxurious, making them a must have for any fragrance connoisseur.


From men’s and women’s designer clothing, to accessories and fragrances, English Laundry is always innovating and creating unique styles that are sure to stand the test of time. Their range of perfumes is always a winner and here at Awesomeperfumes.com we aim to ensure that you enjoy the luxury of English Laundry fragrances at the most competitive prices.

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