Gloria Vanderbilt Fragrances

Gloria Vanderbilt is a well-established and respected fashion label and first began in 1979. It has become the epitome of classic American style, and its “Gloria Vanderbilt” fragrances are no less stylish, making them a popular choice for anyone who likes wearing a subtle, timeless scent.

The Gloria Vanderbilt line of fragrances is a collection of five women’s, men’s, and unisex perfumes and colognes. Each of the scents of this specific label has a unique personality, blending together delightful flavors to create a distinctively beautiful aroma to suit your style. From the refreshingly sweet and tart notes of the original Gloria Vanderbilt (for women) to the hearty, masculine scents of the Gloria Vanderbilt for Men, all of these fragrances can be experienced in multiple versions, ranging from cool, deep and modern to light, soft and classic.

All of the scents within the Gloria Vanderbilt perfume and cologne range are created using natural ingredients, and they range from refreshing to sophisticated. Each scent is crafted with the aim of evoking the beauty and charm of classic American elegance. The notes within the fragrances are exquisitely blended to ensure a delightful, beautiful scent, each one with its own emotion, from the luxurious and aristocratic to the fresh and daring.

Gloria Vanderbilt Perfumes

For women, the Gloria Vanderbilt collection of fragrances offers a selection of perfumes that are perfect for any occasion. Their top scent is the original Gloria Vanderbilt, which is the signature scent of the range. This distinct aroma first launched in 1979, and its scent is still enchanting and captivating people to this day. It has a tangy, sparkling citrus top note, with a hint of delicate spices, gardenia, and a sweet jasmine base. Its aroma is a perfect balance of tart, sweet and delicate, making it the ultimate signature scent.

If you love delicate, refreshing scents, then you’ll love the Gloria Vanderbilt Blue Mist. Its top smells like the crisp breeze of a summer morning, while its heart contains a bouquet of jasmine, rose, violet and heliotrope. To make this scent more daring, there are also touches of spices, patchouli, and white musk, resulting in a captivating fragrance.

Gloria Vanderbilt Cologne

The Gloria Vanderbilt range for men contains two colognes, each with a distinct personality. There is the Gloria Vanderbilt for Men, which was first introduced in 1980, and offers rugged, masculine aromas. This scent has a blend of citrus and florals mixed in with a hint of spices, and a magical balsam blend as its base note. For more daring scents, the Gloria Vanderbilt Intense Edition was released in 2014, blending together tart bergamot, warm ginger, and pepper, as well as a hint of leather. This make it the perfect cologne for the modern, confident man.

Whether you want to express your personality or want a timeless scent that never goes out of style, the Gloria Vanderbilt range of perfumes and colognes offers a scent for everyone. With its blend of aromatic natural ingredients and exquisite blending techniques, this line of fragrances is perfect for any occasion.

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