Hayley Kiyoko Perfume

Hayley Kiyoko is an American singer, songwriter, actress and director. Fans of the artist know her for her powerful lyrics, soothing voice, and outrageous dance moves. But now, perfume lovers have an opportunity to experience her signature style in an entirely new way.

Earlier this year, Hayley Kiyoko announced that she is entering the world of fragrance with the release of her own signature perfume. The scent is described as being feminine and delicate, and is brought to life with understated jasmine and white musk.

Kiyoko Perfume

Hayley Kiyoko’s signature perfume is available in two sizes: 3.4oz and 1oz. Each bottle is encased in a chic, art-deco inspired flacon, topped with a signature Kiyoko charm. The perfume also includes lush gold detailing and a unique sculpted design on each bottle, making it the perfect accessory for any night out.

The fragrance by Hayley Kiyoko was developed in collaboration with world-renowned perfumer, Claude Dir, and contains top mimosa, gardenia, heliotrope, and galbanum notes. Combined with a base of jasmine, white musk and cedarwood, Kiyoko’s perfume serves as the perfect balance between fresh and exotic.

Fragrance by Hayley Kiyoko

Fans of Hayley Kiyoko will no doubt appreciate her foray into the world of perfumes. The scent is as unique and eclectic as the singer-songwriter herself, so it’s no wonder that it’s become an instant hit amongst fragrance fans.

The scent of Hayley Kiyoko’s signature perfume is said to be delicate and feminine, with hints of jasmine and white musk. Rich undertones of galbanum and gardenia also add to the complexity and mellowness of the scent, making it the perfect go-to fragrance for any occasion.

So if you’re looking for a fragrance that’s as daring and unique as Hayley Kiyoko herself, then this is the one for you. Show off your wild side with Hayley Kiyoko’s signature perfume, available now at awesomeperfumes.com.

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