Houbigant History

Houbigant Paris is a world-renowned French luxury fragrance house and is one of the oldest still in business today. Its beginnings can be traced back to 1775, when Jean-François Houbigant opened a “High Perfumery” shop on the banks of the Seine in Paris. Since then, Houbigant has been an expert in creating exquisite fragrances that surpass time, never failing to impress even the most demanding of customers. Throughout history, Houbigant has been associated with royalty and power and its perfumes were the go-to choice of the most influential European aristocracy.

Houbigant fragrances have been popular throughout the centuries and can still be found in the finest perfume stores in Europe, The United States, and the rest of the world. Today, Houbigant is as committed as ever to creating only the highest quality perfumes, with the same passion and creativity that has shaped its rich history.

Houbigant Perfume

Quelques fleurs jardin secret by Houbigant 3.4 oz Eau De Parfum Spray for Women

Houbigant has been inventing some of the most iconic perfumes in the world. One of its most famous and still very much sought after is the legendary Casanova. Created in the 18th century on the order of Napoléon Bonaparte for his mistress, Josephine, it embodies the spirit and passion of the time, with its rich blend of jasmine, rose, and spices.

Today, the Houbigant perfume range features modern interpretations of classic perfumes, such as the Quelques Fleur Royale. Launched in 2013, it is a tribute to the original Quelques Fleurs created in 1912 and was designed to embody the romantic sophistication of its predecessor. As with all Houbigant creations, Quelques Fleur Royale stands out from the crowd, offering a unique experience that captures the daring, seductive and independent spirit of today’s woman.

Houbigant Fragrances

Houbigant fragrances have come to symbolize the very best in luxury fragrances. Designed to last longer on the skin and have a more intense scent, Houbigant fragrances are crafted with rare, sophisticated ingredients and carefully blended with a remarkable base of natural essences.

Fragrances like the Le Parfum sublime reveal the artistry and craftsmanship of Houbigant, and feature complex and elegant mixes of bergamot, rose, and sandalwood. Similarly, the new Perfume Calligraphy features rare oud and iris, with green tea and cardamom that give it a remarkable and lingering scent that transcends any other perfume. Unique and modern, this signature fragrance will always make a statement.

As one of the oldest and most respected fragrance houses in the world, Houbigant continues to live up to its reputation and help elevate the art of perfume crafting. Whether you’re looking for a classic and sophisticated scent or a modern and daring one, Houbigant has something for everyone. Discover some of the best luxurious perfume experiences by visiting Awesome Perfumes and discovering a perfume from the House of Houbigant that will match your unique and individual style.

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