How to Wear Perfume – Oh La La

The way that perfume is worn can have a dramatic impact on its longevity and appeal.

Popular for its oriental and spicy fragrance, Oh La La perfume has long-lasting notes that will attract attention throughout the day. The broad appeal of this aroma tends to allure others to it due to its unique make-up that lasts hours after applying.

Although many people wear this perfume, most are unsure of how to properly apply it. However, certain things can enhance its scent to make the product last longer and attract more people to you. To make your scents seem more desirable continue on to the article below for an outline on how to properly wear perfume.

Store Correctly

To make the fragrance last longer it is important to keep it out of the bathroom or other damp and warm rooms in your home. Storing the bottle in a room that fills with moisture can impact its aroma because it will break down the perfume and lessen its quality.

This can result in a lesser quality scent than the one that was initially purchased. Therefore, to prevent this from impacting your enjoyment of the bottle its recommended to keep it in a cool and dry spot to shield it from damage.

Avoid Other Scented Products

To have a long lasting and impactful scent it’s important that wearers avoid products with other types of perfumes or fragrances mixed into them. This is vital to ensure that the subtle notes of the perfume stand out and are not impacted throughout the day by others.

Otherwise, using a product with a fragrance (such as a hand cream or lotion) can cause the notes of the perfume to change and result in an altered smell.

Prepare the Area

Another recommendation for wearers is to prepare the areas of their body that will be sprayed with the perfume. To prepare their body for it, it’s best to apply it to damp or moistened skin because dry skin will cause it to wear off faster. Meaning, its best to apply directly out of the shower damp skin that will hold the scent longer.

However, for those that are applying without moist skin its recommended to use an unscented lotion on the targeted area to lock in the scent for a prolonged period of time.

Target Pulse Points

The pulse points of the body should be sprayed with the perfume to ensure it lasts throughout the day and is noticed by others. To apply to the pulse points of the body its best to spray in warm areas such as: the neck, wrists, inside of elbows, ankles, calves, behind the knees and just below the midriff where the body tends to stay warm.

Although wearers can select from a number pulse points on their body it’s advised to only select one or two areas to spray (in a day) to avoid overwhelming others with the scent.

Consider Layering Fragrance

The final recommendation for wearers is to consider layering the fragrance to create a unique blend that appeals directly to them. This can be done by layering a similar aroma or complimentary scent that enhances the subtle notion the perfume. In turn, helping to creating an aroma that is completely unique to other and desired as your own.

Many women choose to wear Oh La La perfume for its attractive scent and broad appeal. This desirability can be further enhanced by simply wearing it in the correct manner to bring out its subtle notes and complex structure. If you’d like to learn more about how a scent can be impacted with the way it’s worn, consider getting in touch with a member on our team to help.

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