Paloma Picasso Fragrances: An Aromatic History of Beauty and Luxury

Paloma Picasso has been a household name for decades. Not only is she an esteemed artist, but her fragrances have captivated the senses of many people around the world. Her collections have embodied luxury, beauty, and sophistication since their launch in 1984. Let’s take a look at some of the fragrances from Paloma Picasso and see why they are so beloved by many.

Paloma Picasso’s fragrances are created with attention to detail and precision, just like her artwork. Every scent is carefully crafted to evoke a feeling of beauty and luxury. The most iconic fragrance in the collection is Paloma Picasso Eau de Toilette for Women, which was launched in 1984. This floral-oriental scent contains notes of gardenia, jasmine, ylang-ylang, rosewood, sandalwood, musk and vanilla. This timeless fragrance continues to be popular today thanks to its classic blend of floral and woody scents that never go out of style.

Another popular choice from this collection is Paloma Picasso Mon Parfum Chanel No 5 Eau De Parfum for Women. Launched in 2015, this sensual scent blends notes of mandarin orange, jasmine petals, rose essence and patchouli leaves into one harmonious aroma that captures femininity and gracefulness in one bottle. This luxurious scent exudes confidence and class with every spritz.

The last must-try fragrance from this line is the limited edition Paloma Picasso Eau De Parfum Spray for Women which was released in 2018. This romantic scent combines natural essences such as bergamot oil, almond blossom extract and cyclamen extract to create an irresistibly delightful bouquet that will keep you feeling fresh all day long! The unique combination of fruity-floral notes creates an invigorating aroma that will take your breath away each time you smell it!


Paloma Picasso has created a range of fragrances that embody beauty and luxury with every whiff! Whether you opt for the classic Eau de Toilette for Women or choose something more daring like the limited edition Eau de Parfum Spray for Women—you can be sure that any fragrance you try from this collection will make you feel special each time you wear it! If you’re looking for something truly special then head over to where you can get up to 80% off on these amazing fragrances! Get shopping now before these deals disappear!

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