Sillage Fragrance

Sillage is a French term used to describe the strength of a fragrance, the “consistent intensity and throw of the scent.” It comes from the French verb “souffler”, meaning ‘to blow,’ which describes the way a scent blows away slowly and lingers in the air. This is why some fragrance connoisseurs consider sillage as the indicator of a perfume’s quality and its ability to create an emotional or psychological impact.

Sillage is not just about how strong or far the scent travels, but also how long it lingers in the air. This can be determined using the “Loud-Soft” or Jeux de Parfum scale, where a louder or stronger sillage is ranked higher than a subtler and softer scent.

House of Sillage Perfume

Hos n.003 by House of sillage 2.5 oz Eau De Parfum Spray for Men

House of Sillage is a luxury perfume house founded in 2011 and based out of Irvine, California. Featuring unique and sophisticated fragrances, the brand is dedicated to creating expressions of luxury and quality, while pushing the boundaries of scent bringing new experiences to the scent world.

At the heart of House of Sillage is their commitment to creating new and innovative fragrances. The brand uses their unique artistic vision to design unique fragrances, and creates each of their distinguished scents with quality, luxury and creativity in mind.

All of House of Sillage perfumes come with a guarantee of the highest quality, using only the finest ingredients and craftsmanship to create upscale and unforgettable scents. The brand uses only the most precious ingredients from around the world, choosing quality over quantity to ensure that each fragrance is powerful, harmonious and perfectly balanced.

Niche Perfume

House of Sillage is a niche fragrance brand, meaning its fragrances are not widely available in stores. Niche fragrances represent a special type of fragrance that caters to a specific consumer base. These fragrances are designed for those who are searching for a distinct scent that stands out from the crowd and can’t be found elsewhere.

Each House of Sillage fragrance is crafted with extravagance and an artist’s eye, relying on unique ingredients to provide an olfactory experience that is exceptionally unique. They focus on quality instead of quantity, as each scent is crafted to provide a complex olfactory experience, filled with depth and a lasting scent.

At awesome we are proud to offer a unique selection of House of Sillage fragrances that embody the elegance of this luxury fragrance brand. Whether you’re looking for a classic that will make a statement, or a modern classic intended to stand out from the crowd, House of Sillage has the perfect scent for you.

House of Sillage fragrances are a luxurious and sophisticated set of fragrances that offer something for everyone. With an extensive portfolio of fragrances, there is something for everyone at awesome From gentle and subtle to passionate and romantic, House of Sillage fragrances are certainly worth a try – and may just become your signature scent.

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