6 Tips for Choosing a New Fragrance without Smelling It First

Men and women from all over the world have known the benefits of online shopping. It is convenient since we do not need to go to stores. We can avoid crowds, and we have unlimited time to browse through the various products offered. The only downside is that there is a chance we will receive a product that does not meet our expectations.

You face this situation when buying fragrances. It is indeed difficult to choose the best scent for you because there is no way for you to smell it from your monitor or your phone screen. It is frustrating but here is the good news: it is possible for you to buy a bottle of perfume online and be happy with your purchase after. Here are six tips to let you achieve your goal of landing the right fragrance for you:

1. Research is the key

News outlets, bloggers, and the like usually cover and review fragrances. You can also read the comments of the other customers, which would tell you whether or not they liked the perfume. If more people are unhappy about their purchase, you will probably not be satisfied with it either. The experiences of other people can help you make an informed decision.

2. Complete the perfume quiz.

Quizzes concerning the right scent for you can be quite useful. You can try the sites that offer quizzes that will lead you to find the perfect scent that will correspond to your personality. At the same time, they also typically consider the lifestyle you lead. These two factors are quite essential in determining the type of fragrance that is right for you.

3. Read the product description

Usually, perfumes have names. They can be “alluring,” “innocent,” “dark,” and many others. Other scents have a name that concerns emotions. Most of the time, they describe a personality, and you can use those descriptions to complement your character. For instance, if you believe that your disposition is cheerful and bright, it is not a good idea to go for a scent that is overpowering and heavy. The best way to buy the best fragrance is to read the description and choose the one that truly appeals to you because it describes you.

4. Know the theme you want

Perfumes have themes, which are also known as families. The most common are floral, woodsy, oriental, and fresh. It will be easier to pick if you understand which theme best suits you. Floral is for those who love the smell of flowers from roses to jasmine to lilies, which is especially true for ultra-feminine girls. Some fragrances mix florals with fruits or even oriental, giving you plenty of options if you are going the floral route.

As for woodsy perfumes, they are perfect for those who love the outdoors. Men typically love this scent, but women also adore it because it can signify sophistication. Some of the notable scents are sandalwood, cedar, and birchwood. Oriental, on the other hand, is for those who love the big and bold smells. Perfumes that use this theme are designed for sensual people who are not afraid to try something new and daring. Examples of oriental scents are vanilla, nutmeg, musk, and coriander.

Finally, fresh scents can mean anything from green to organic to citrus. They can have that fresh air smell, which makes them suitable for fun and youthful people.

5. Choose the concentration.

Fragrances have concentration levels. The higher it gets, the more expensive the item becomes but it does last longer and has a more powerful scent than the others. If you want a product with the highest concentration and can last 24 hours with just one application to your pulse points or wrists, it is typically labeled perfume (or sometimes parfum).

Next level is called eau de parfum, which should last you six hours after you have applied the fragrance. The third level is eau de toilette, which is often affordable and you can find such products in several stores, including online. You will need several applications though to make it last throughout the day. Finally, eau de cologne is the fragrance with the lowest concentration and should last about two hours.

Trust your instincts.

Since you cannot spritz the scent to your wrist to test it, you may want to depend on your instincts on whether you will like it or not. Chances are you will find the fragrance in wax form. For example, if you have an oriental vanilla scented candle and you love it, you will also adore fragrances with a similar smell.

With these tips, buying fragrances online does not have to lead to a bad experience. Take your time to decide, so you find the scent that correctly matches your personality.

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