Discover Scents from Around the World with Valentino’s New Fragrance Collection

Valentino’s new fragrance collection will take your senses worldwide with its unique scents inspired by exotic destinations. Whether you want to evoke memories of faraway places or experience something new, this collection has something for everyone. From sharp and vibrant citrus notes that harken back to the Mediterranean to warm, spicy aromas reminiscent of Asia, Valentino’s fragrances capture the essence of each location in one luxurious scent. Each collection comes with an opportunity to explore something different – so let this be your passport to travel without ever leaving home.

Fragrance Descriptions:

Valentino’s newest line-up features four distinct fragrances that will invigorate your senses and transport you to a new place.

The Mediterranean: Bright and invigorating, this scent is inspired by the vibrant colors of the Mediterranean coast. Made with refreshing bergamot, mandarin orange, and lemon notes, it creates an uplifting atmosphere wherever it’s worn.

Asia: Get ready to experience the exotic aromas of Asia with this mysterious blend of warm spices and woody scents. Notes of cardamom, patchouli, and sandalwood combine for a truly unique fragrance that will take you worldwide without ever leaving your home.

Africa: Experience Africa’s lush forests and open plains with this earthy combination of vetiver and cedarwood. With touches of bergamot and lemon, this fragrance sparks a gentle reminder of the beauty of nature that can be found all around us.

America: Inspired by the diverse landscapes of America, this fragrance blends notes of apple, sandalwood, and jasmine for a truly unique scent experience. Bright and invigorating, it will take your senses on an adventure like no other.


Let Valentino’s new fragrance collection be your passport to explore the world from wherever you are. Each scent is carefully crafted with unique ingredients that evoke memories of faraway places or create something entirely new – so get ready to take a journey without ever leaving home! Whether you want to experience the scents of the Mediterranean, Asia, Africa, or America – this collection has something for everyone. Allow your senses to explore Valentino’s new fragrance collection.

Treat yourself to a luxurious journey without ever leaving home! It’s time to explore the world with Valentino’s newest fragrance collection. So why wait? Let these unique scents take you on an adventure today!

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