Firetrap Fragrance

Firetrap is a brand of men’s fragrance products, and is part of the contemporary fashion industry known as Firetrap. Firetrap fragrances are created to express an individual’s personality, inspiring a carefree and adventurous lifestyle with a bold spirit. The brand is known for creating a unique blend of notes, blending musk, tobacco, leather and fruity ingredients to create unique scents.

Firetrap fragrances come in a range of sizes, from small hand sprays for the daring and stylish, to large 50ml bottles for when you want to impress. All of their fragrances are packed in brightly coloured boxes or canvas-bag style cases, highlighting their preference for daring design. Their selection can be found at major retail outlets and online at Firetrap.

Firetrap by Firetrap 2.5 oz Eau De Toilette Spray for Women

Firetrap Perfume

Firetrap fragrances draw their inspiration from countless sources, each aroma crafted with a particular story in mind. Among their collection, you’ll find Reflection For Him, a modern scent created to represent an intense and reflective personality that lives life by their own adventurous beat. Eclipse For Him, meanwhile, incorporates citrus and woody tones, designed to reflect the mythical powers of the sun and moon – ideal for the man with a broad sense of extra-sensory perception.

For lovers of the light and playful side of life, Firetrap offers bottles of Confidence For Him. This fragrance combines fruity flavours with sweet spices and has a refreshing smell that’s perfect for summer. The popular Elixir For Him combines citrus, tobacco and leather for a smoky aroma with a hint of sweetness, ideal for the man who enjoys a dangerous side of life.

Firetrap Perfume Review

Firetrap fragrances have been honoured with praise from critics and customers alike. The Reflection Eau de Toilette range has been praised for its musky and juicy scent. Eclipse For Him is also a popular choice, owing to its mystical art-deco –inspired design and daring composition.

Confidence For Him has also gained many compliments, with the combination of fruits and spices creating a scent that’s both fresh and sensual. Customers have also praised Elixir For Him for its woody and leathery tones, with a long-lasting scent ideal for those dark summer nights. Each of these fragrances can be found at major retail outlets and is also available from Firetrap.

Firetrap fragrances are crafted to express an individual’s unique style, from modern and intense, to light and playful. Whether you’re looking for something daring and dangerous, or for a scent to brighten up your summer, Firetrap offers an inspiring selection of perfumes. If you’re looking for a fragrance that expresses your personality, then Firetrap can provide you with a daring and incredible range. Be sure to check out the selection available at

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