Frapin Fragrances

Frapin colognes and perfumes represent a new generation of fragrances with fresh, bold and sophisticated notes. Founded in 1270 in Cognac, France, Frapin is one of the oldest and most established family-operated perfume houses in the world with a reputation for crafting the most sumptuous fragrances. With its commitment to excellence, Frapin continues to work according to the family’s cultural heritage, adding modern touches to the traditional way of making fragrance.

For over 750 years, the House of Frapin has continued its commitment to creating unique, contemporary and timeless scents. The company’s creator, Pierre Frapin, was the first to produce and distil Cognac eau-de-vie in the early 13th century. From there he grew the family business and developed a particular style of perfume and colognes that were loved and respected the world over.

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Frapin utilizes the best natural essential oils, rare ingredients and an original approach to scent-making. The House of Frapin devotes itself to a meticulous work of selection and perfect combination of ingredients to create fragrances that appeal to a passionate and diverse group of fans.

Frapin Perfume

Frapin produces a range of traditional vintages and modern scents, as well as special editions. The range of perfumes is a perfect combination of contemporary and timeless, classic and modern. Frapin’s exquisite collection features unique and original fragrances that reflect the quality and passion of its creators.

The main line of perfumes is the Cuvee Collection. This range of exclusive scents was inspired by Pierre Frapin’s extraordinary 13th-century distilling methods. The perfumes have an exuberant and sophisticated character and feature a selection of precious ingredients, essences and absolutes that are carefully blended.

The Collection Privée is also included in Frapin’s lineup. This range of fragrances was created by Frapin to explore new and different aspects of the company’s scents. These perfumes feature modern and innovative aromatic combinations, taking scent-making to a whole new level of sophistication.

In addition to their classic fragrances, Frapin has also proudly developed two lines, the La Collection Voyageurs and the Bespoke Collection, exclusively for travel. These sophisticated travel fragrances have been formulated to cater to all types of travelers. They feature carefully crafted blends of selected essences, minerals, and extracts, with each scent evoking a unique experience.

Frapin Scent

Frapin has a skillfully crafted signature scent that has since become synonymous with the brand. The brand’s signature scent is crafted with quality ingredients, some of which are produced by Frapin itself, such as fresh peach and apricot notes scent.

The signature Frapin scent is composed of new and fresh ingredients, including lavender, bergamot, and orange blossom, as well as timeless and classic ingredients such as patchouli and amber. The scent is well balanced, full of subtle white and creamy vegetal notes, and soothingly sweet aromas.

Frapin has also recently collaborated to create a unique, limited edition scent with perfumer Alexandre J. The result is an elaborate and sophisticated combination of woody and leathery notes, with a touch of smokiness and sweet woods. This special edition scent is sure to please the most distinguished customers.

Frapin fragrances are crafted with an uncompromising dedication to quality and excellence. This commitment has won the brand a loyal customer base and the appreciation of perfume connoisseurs all over the world. With its extensive range of classic and modern fragrances, Frapin is sure to have a scent to suit every mood and taste.

Those who are looking for a luxury perfume experience should definitely explore Frapin’s exquisite range of fragrances. Whether you prefer classic or modern scents, timeless or travel fragrances, there’s sure to be a fragrance to suit your style. Enjoy the luxurious experience and discover the perfect scent with Frapin.

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