Fred Hayman Perfume

Since the establishment of Fred Hayman in Beverly Hills in 1973, the name has become synonymous with luxury chic and global fashion. Over the decades, Hayman has created a number of iconic fragrances for women that encapsulate effortless and luxurious living. The Fred Hayman perfumes are available at and can make perfect gifts for the fashionable and stylish women in your life.

Whether looking for classic and timeless fragrances or trendy and modern scents, Fred Hayman’s collection of fragrances offers something for everyone. Hayman’s signature scent is the seductive ‘268 Eau De Parfum’ that has a lingering aroma, perfect for formal occasions. The fragrance opens with top notes of rose, jasmine and musk, accompanied by subtle and oriental middle notes of sandalwood, vanilla and amber and finally, a base of musk, vetiver and cedarwood.

Touch with love by Fred hayman 1.7 oz Eau De Parfum Spray for Women

Fragrance by Fred Hayman

For the contemporary woman, the ‘Gliu’ scent by Fred Hayman is the perfect embodiment of modern elegance. This luxurious scent has top notes of citrus, water lily, and black currents which gives a fresh and invigorating aroma. The delicately blended middle notes of rose, patchouli and almond creates a sweet and subtle depth with a perfectly balanced base of sandalwood, cedarwood, and vetiver to complete the scent.

Offering a hint of nostalgia and flair, the ‘Via Rodeo’ scent from Hayman is sure to become a favorite. This chic fragrance has a timeless essence with a modern twist. It opens with top notes of sandalwood for a classic and masculine note, followed by refreshing and sensual middle notes of ocean accord and tea, and a finishing touch of warm woody base notes to complete the scent.

Designer Perfumes by Fred Hayman

Redefining modern day sophistication, the ‘Vera Wang Princess’ scent is an ode to the modern woman. Featuring an array of femininity and delicate florals, this scent has a sweetly elegant composition. It opens with a fruity top note of citrus, water lily, and apricot, which is then balanced with a delicate heart note of rose and lily, and finally finished off with an inviting base note of cedarwood and musk.

Hayman’s ‘291’ is a luxurious and sophisticated scent that is perfect for evening wear. This classic scent opens with a zesty burst of citrus intermingled with floral notes of rose, jasmine and lavender, slowly giving way to a smooth and inviting base of sandalwood and musk for a warm and inviting finish.

Fred Hayman offers a wide range of timeless and modern fragrances that are sure to please even the most discerning individual. Whether choosing something to add to your own wardrobe or selecting a gift for that special someone, you can count on Hayman fragrances to provide an experience of sophistication and luxury. Find your favorite or explore their range of other distinguished scents at

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