Frederic Malle Best Sellers

If you’re looking for a truly special scent, you can’t go wrong with a Frederic Malle perfume. Created by French perfume designer, Frederic Malle, each scent is carefully crafted and balanced to capture the imagination and create unforgettable memories. The perfumes from the Frederic Malle Collection are some of the most beloved scents on the market and many have become classics. Here are a few of the most popular Frederic Malle best sellers that you’re sure to love.

Dans Tes Bras

This delightful scent has been worn by celebrities and adored by legions of women around the world. A feminine blend of colourful spices and bergamot greeted with a sensual blend of rose, orange flower, and jasmine make this a truly special scent.

Musc Ravageur

This fragrance was created by popular perfumer Maurice Roucel, whose expertise in creating seductive blends is well known. The musky aroma of this woody scent is an instantly recognizable classic. It’s clean, yet subtly alluring, luxurious, yet light and airy. Musc Ravageur will draw you in and make you feel completely alive.

Une Rose

If you’re looking for an unforgettable Floral scent, you can’t go wrong with Une Rose. This beautiful fragrance has a unique blend of rose oil and delicious spices for a truly memorable and timeless scent.

Bigarade Concentree

This delicious scent combines the fresh citrus zing of orange blossom and bergamot and intertwines it with Neroli and Rosemary to create a delightfully contemporary scent. This sheer and light fragrance is perfect for summer and anytime you want a hint of sheer citrus notes.

Ferrari La Passion

Ferrari La Passion is cologne and Eau de Toilette from Frederic Malle, both of which capture the excitement and energy of a luxury sports car. The top notes of bergamot, mandarin and petit grain combine with a heart of lavender and oakmoss, while the base lingers with sandalwood and tonka bean.

Frederic Malle Top Perfumes

The Frederic Malle collection of perfumes is vast and discerning. There are so many wonderful scents to choose from! Here are some of the top perfumes that have become instant classics.

Portrait of a Lady

Created by celebrated perfumer Dominique Ropion, this exquisite unisex scent uses frankincense, patchouli and cloves, along with a sultry blend of Turkish rose, raspberry, sandalwood, and musk. One sure to turn heads.

Lipstick Rose

Created by Edouard Fléchier, this delectable scent has intense florals from Turkish rose and Geranium. The hit of pink pepper and vanilla add an extra layer of depth to a fragrance that never fails to please.

En Passant

This modern take on a classic floral bouquet is the perfect blend of bergamot and jasmine paired with wild rose, peony, and a surprising bit of quince. Created by Olivia Giacobetti, this delicate and incredibly fresh scent will enliven your senses with each passing fragrance.


Created by Jean-Claude Ellena, this sweet and subtle scent features a blend of lavender, tonka bean, and sandalwood, along with a hint of cardamom and jasmine. This unforgettable fragrance is perfect for a touch of everyday sophistication.

Frederic Malle Fragrance

Aside from these best sellers, there are numerous other fragrances from the Frederic Malle collection that are worth considering. These fragrances range from citrusy, woody, and smoky to floral, oceanic, and fruity. Each is carefully crafted by talented perfumers to perfectly capture the subtle nuances of each scent.

Frederic Malle fragrances are much more than just a way of masking body odor. They’re a way of expressing yourself, creating a signature scent that’s unique to you. If you’re looking for a unique and luxurious fragrance that stands apart from the crowd, take a look at the Frederic Malle Collection and find your perfect scent.

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