French perfume designers & The Luxury Hayari Perfume Brand

Paris is renowned as an elegant capital city full of culture, fashion, and romance. It’s also a hub for leading French perfume designers. Hayari Paris, one of the foremost luxury perfume houses in France, is an example of this commitment to luxury and quality.

The Hayari Paris brand began in 2005 with the aim of providing fantastically crafted high-end fragrances that combine olfactory artistry with sensual experiences. Hayari Paris’ directors – Nicolas and Celine Bonneville – happened upon their fate after their initial encounter at one of Grasse perfumery’s, where they both developed a passionate appreciation for perfumery. They have since made it their mission to create the most luxurious fragrances, using the most exquisite and rare raw materials and applying the latest crystallization technologies.

The classic, modern and utterly compelling range of luxurious perfumes from Hayari Paris provide something to suit every mood and interpretation. The Hayari Paris perfumes are created to be seductive and enigmatic, with the intent to express and illustrate the emotions of the wearer.

Each Hayari Paris fragrance is created with special attention: from selecting unique and captivating fragrant raw materials; to choosing the most elegant and revisited packaging for the highest quality presentations. The Hayari Paris collection includes: The In Between, a daring, fresh and woody scent – it’s a surge of creativity, self-expression and free-spiritedness; Elixir Noir, a bold and mysterious blend of floral and spice that captivates the senses and expresses passionate femininity; Irresistible Rose, a dazzling, modern cocktail of modern rose notes; and Time Collector, a classic, subtle and romantic scent.

The Hayari Paris philosophy involves more than just delivering a fine fragrance. Hayari Paris strives to create something extra; a way of life and a set of emotions, incorporating a ‘Les Jolis Moments’ concept based on the belief that everyone deserves special moments in life for themselves.

Flexing their creative wings even further, Hayari Paris has looked towards the world of haute couture to craft their own luxury experience. Partnering with some of the top haute couturiers, they have created the Haute Parfumerie series, where each fragrance is designed by one of these creatives and signed off by their own style in perfume.

The perfume house also has a fashion arm, Hayari Couture, which provides high-end clothing and accessories with a contemporary and modern twist. Each piece of Hayari Couture follows the Hayari Paris philosophy of making women feel as beautiful as they can.

The ultimate goal of Hayari Paris is to provide its customers with an incomparable reality; to be a part of the extraordinary reality of beauty and luxury. Hayari Paris offers a luxury experience unlike any other, collaboration with esteemed artisans and a constantly evolving range that pays tribute to the ever-changing life of women.

At Awesome, Hayari Paris fragrances are available for everyone who is in pursuit of luxury and exquisite craftsmanship. All a customer needs is to open their senses and find the fragrance that speaks to their heart and allow Hayari Paris to provide them with an incomparable beauty and emotional reality.

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