French Aroma

The French Connection perfume screams ‘Paris’ and oozing with luxurious French style and aroma. This exclusive French fragrance is a true icon, and one of the most popular brands in Europe. French Connection, believes in creating fragrances that are a true representation of the values of the city from which it hails.


Their fragrances are luxury, authentic and embody a certain self-awareness that comes from the powerful French attitude. With this perfume, the quality of the scent and its lasting power, speaks for itself. Made for those with poise, become a part of French glamour, sophistication and elegance.

For over 30 years, this fragrance has kept its chic yet luxurious timeless appeal, making it a continuing favourite amongst lovers of a little bit of Paris every day. The French Connection range comes in a variety of sizes, making it the perfect gift. Whether it’s a small gift or a large, everyone loves receiving French Connection.

Luxury French Perfume

The French Connection is an ode to Paris. This sumptuous blend of floral, oriental and woody notes in its composition creates an intensity that’s hard to match. Wherever you go, this fragrance will make you feel like the happiest and most luxurious person.

It’s the perfect scent to make you feel as if you’re walking the streets of Paris or its famous cabarets. The top notes of bergamot, lemon, and nasturtium will have you dreaming of champagne and croissants. The heart notes contain tuberose, rose and ylang-ylang for a mesmerising floral touch and the musky base notes are sure to have you feeling irresistible.

This luxurious scent is ideal for a night out, when you want to feel like you’re in the French capital. It’s powerful scent is perfect for turning heads in a cabaret but subtle enough not to overpower. Wear the French Connection during the day too and if you want to accentuate your natural beauty.

French Connection Fragrance

The French Connection is a popular fragrance with a timeless allure. What’s more special about this aroma is the daring combination of notes. It’s no surprise that the French Connection is one of the most well-regarded fragrance lines in the world.

The combination of citrusy bergamot, lemon and nasturtium with florality of roses and tuberose is like a dream comfort scent. It’s almost like a warm hug on a cold day. The musky base notes give the fragrance an oomph that will never let you stay unnoticed. Ideal for casual wear, formal events and glamorous nights.

Become captivated by the French-style glamour, love, romance and exquisite collection at Shop French Connection Perfumes and you’ll be surely taken in its soothing and captivating aromas.

Transport yourself to the streets of Paris with the perfect scent that represents your journey to the city of love. Whether as a gift for a beloved or as a signature scent for yourself, the French Connection fragrance from won’t let you down.

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