Geoffrey Beene Eau De Toilette

Geoffrey Beene eau de toilette offers women a light and refreshing scent, perfect for day-to-day wear. It combines flowers, musk and woody notes for a well-balanced fragrance. The notes of purple freesia, red lily, jasmine and cedarwood create a scent that is both gentle and inspiring. This fragrance will put you in a lighthearted mood, making it the perfect complement to your day.

Grey flannel by Geoffrey beene 1 oz Eau De Toilette Spray for Men

The bottle is understated yet elegant, representing the timeless style of the Geoffrey Beene brand. The top is encased in a sleeve to protect the scent within, and the silver dot on the invitingly curved shoulder ensures that it stands out. The box itself is simple and modern, but with a touch of sophistication that is sure to draw attention.

Overall, Geoffrey Beene eau de toilette is an excellent choice for everyday wear. Its light, pleasant scent and timeless design make it an effortless choice, while its balanced notes make it an inviting scent to wear again and again.

Geoffrey Beene Fragrance

Geoffrey Beene’s signature fragrance, known simply as G, is a modern scent for women who prefer sophistication without being overly feminine. It provides a warm, woodsy scent with a light touch of floral.

The fragrance combines notes of wood, sandalwood, magnolia, and jasmine to offer a sense of escapism that isn’t overpowering. Perfect for special occasions or everyday wear, G comes with a luxurious bottle of dark glass with a white sleeve that features the famous Geoffrey Beene logo. The box too is simple but eye-catching, with a red ribbon accent that creates a beautiful contrast against the grey and white background.

Geoffrey Beene’s G fragrance won’t overpower but will comfort you with its unique combination of feminine and masculine scents. Whether you’re attending a special occasion or running everyday errands, G is the perfect scent to wear.

Geoffrey Beene Cologne

The modern, clean scents of Geoffrey Beene cologne have made it a cult favorite of men everywhere. For a traditional masculine scent, try Geoffrey Beene’s classic fragrance. It has a clean, woody scent combining floral and woody notes. Top notes of rose and lily of the valley provide gentle floral notes, and the base of cedarwood, sandalwood and suede leather create a warm, woody scent. The bottle itself features an easy-to-open top and an eye-catching golden hue.

Geoffrey Beene’s classic cologne is ideal for everyday, special occasions or work. Especially for those who prefer subtle, woodsy scents without too much of a florals, this cologne is the perfect choice. With its modern and stylish design, it’s sure to bring out the best in any man.

Overall, Geoffrey Beene provides a range of perfumes and colognes that are perfect for those who prefer clean, timeless scents. Whether you wear it every day or only on special occasions, all of Geoffrey Beene’s fragrances offer something special to bring out the best in you. The perfect balance of musk, woody and floral notes create an unmistakable scent that is sure to draw attention.

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