Gai Mattiolo Perfume

Gai Mattiolo is an international brand of fragrances, legendary for its distinct and sophisticated scents. Founded in 1980 by the perfectionist Gai Mattiolo, the company produces exclusive collection of eau de toilettes and fragrances that are compelling and elegant. The Gai Mattiolo collection, together with its luxury perfumes, are demanded by customers who are looking for distinguished aromas.

The principal attribute of the Gai Mattiolo brand is the wide range of powerful and long-lasting fragrances that revive and enhance senses. With alluring yet fresh aroma, exquisite notes, and captivating essences, these fragrances exude confidence and prestigious power. Gai Mattiolo fragrances are designed to suit the lifestyles of all perfume lovers who want to stand out and be noticed.

Gai Mattiolo fragrances go beyond traditional colognes, offering fragrance lines with commanding scents. The standard collection features multiple masterpieces overflowing with imaginatively balanced blends of exotic scents and intense bouquets. A few of the fragrances to mention include Midnight Mirage, Donna Winter and Sei Tu.

The story of Gai Mattiolo continues with the Nostalgia Collection launched in 2019. This collection comprises exclusive fragrances that revives the most beautiful and distinctive aromas borne from Gai Mattiolo’s imagination, such as Moonlight and Dark Oud. Both these extreme perfumes are the mixtures of pure essences, combined with captivating rose and bergamot.

The Gai Mattiolo experience is completed with its luxury packaging, such as silver boxes and sophisticated monochromatic nuances as shown on Gai Mattiolo of Sensazioni. This collection includes Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette for Men, and Eau de Parfum for Women. The unisex perfume, Universo, evokes deep blue seas and lingering sunsets by infusing the heady scent of laurel and thyme with deep earthy notes.

Buy Gai Mattiolo Perfume

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