Gale Hayman Perfume

Gale Hayman is a high-quality fragrance line of perfumes and colognes by Gale Hayman London. Established in 2000, this British company has garnered worldwide success with their unique fragrances, providing mood-dictating aromas which evoke emotion and luxury. The line has since expanded to also include beauty products and home fragrance accessories, remaining true to Gale Hayman’s mission of creating luxurious experiences.


At Awesome Perfumes, customers can shop the collection of Gale Hayman perfumes to find the perfect signature scent. Specializing in women’s fragrances, the Gale Hayman collection offers multiple options for the most distinguished tastes. From sensual and seductive G for Eye-Catching to light and refreshing G for Graceful, each and every offering contains notes of floral, woody, and citrus hues that lead to a truly tantalizing experience.


Committed to quality, Gale Hayman offers Prestige, Elite and Signature collections, providing customers with opulent selections of quality using only the finest ingredients. Their fragrances grant an unforgettable aura, allowing customers to make a lasting impression with each sensory-stimulating scent. When browsing the Gale Hayman signature selections, customers can expect not only to find luxury but also indulgence in their quality fragrances.


Gale Hayman Cologne



Going beyond perfumes, the Gale Hayman cologne collection is perfect for adding a uniquely log lasting impression. Established in 2000, the Gale Hayman London cologne collection encapsulates a mood-dictating aura with unique colognes which are tailored to evoke emotion. Whether it be for a special evening, for a casual event, or for a special occasion, the refined and elegant sensibility of the Gale Hayman colognes will effortlessly fit the bill.


At Awesome Perfumes, customers can explore the Gale Hayman cologne collection, designed for the man whose life is lived with class and is always looking for ways to exude a sophisticated and tasteful statement. The collection offers multiples scents like G for Glam Tonight, which blends top notes of citrus with mid notes of rose and mint undertones. Other scents such as G for Approachable contains vegetable amber and ginger as its base notes, while G for Urban maintains a distinguished note of musk.


Committed to providing customers with quality fragrances, the Prestige and Elite selections provided by Gale Hayman only use the finest ingredients. Offering unique colognes which are blended with the most excellent ingredients, Gale Hayman colognes provide men with luxury and indulgence, allowing them to make a lasting impression with each fragrance’s olfactory delight.

Gale Hayman Review

The Gale Hayman Fragrance line has been highly-sought after since it was established in 2000. Intriguing customers with their mood-dictating scent, the line has since expanded to also include beauty and home fragrances, providing the perfect sanctuary of indulgence for the everyday.

By taking a moment out of the chaos of everyday life and using one of the Gale Hayman signature scents, customers can truly experience a unique moment of relaxation and luxury. Whether it be a cologne for the man or perfume for the woman, each fragrance has been carefully tailored to evoke emotion.

Allowing customers the luxury they deserve, the Prestige and Elite products provided by Gale Hayman use only the finest ingredients. The fragrances have been created to easily seduce the senses, leaving behind a lasting impression on those who are in its proximity. From G for Graceful to G for Glam Tonight, each scent is captivating in its own way and remains true to Gale Hayman’s mission of providing opulence and indulgence with its range of fragrances.

The Gale Hayman fragrance collection is truly a revolutionary line of products, resulting in an unforgettable sensory-provoking experience. With the long-lasting quality the brand is known for and the touch of class each scent possesses, the fragrances provide customers with a unique indulgent solution to their search for the perfect signature scent.

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