Iceberg Fragrance

For a truly distinct and special perfume experience, Iceberg Fragrance offers an unparalleled variety of scents. Iceberg Fragrance’s portfolio provides individualized trend-right aromas and compositions, allowing connoisseurs, amateur aficionados, and trendsetters to create and experience a unique sense of style. With a classic, contemporary feel, the intricate scents of Iceberg fragrance draw on the rich history and heritage of Italian scents.

At its foundation, Iceberg Fragrance uses a wide selection of exceptional raw materials to craft the elegant and modern fragrances; from the bright and sweet citruses, to the strong and spicy woods, they source only the finest ingredients to make your favorite scent. With more than two dozen fragrances in its line, Iceberg Fragrance expresses Italy’s diverse and multifaceted scent encyclopedia in unique, modern, and stylish combinations.

Iceberg since 1974 by Iceberg 3.4 oz Eau De Parfum Spray for Men

In addition to the beautiful scents of Iceberg Fragrance, Awesome also stocks the unique Iceberg Perfume. This delicate, floral scent is the perfect marriage of fresh and crisp notes. The first notes of Iceberg Perfume are of a tender, green florals with undertones of sweet long lasting associations. Rich red rose, white gardenia and delicate jasmine intertwine to create a beautiful scent. Its classic, contemporary feel captures the attention of its admirers. The warm, sweet and woody base notes of musk, sandalwood and patchouli provide lasting depth and a hint of an intriguing blend.

Iceberg Reviews

Many people have already tried Iceberg fragrance for themselves and love it. Here are some of the reviews customers left about their experience:

“I love the intensity and depth of the Iceberg fragrance. It lasts all day and smells so fabulous. Highly recommended!”

“I love how this scent is so simply beautiful. It is really modern and has that classic, timeless feel.”

“This stuff is pure ecstasy! It smells divine and it has great staying power. I love it!”

“I recently bought Iceberg fragrance and it is my current favorite. It has this unique scent that I cannot get enough of.”

“Iceberg is the perfect scent for summer. It is light and fresh and smells like the perfect beach scent.”

The reviews from customers clearly suggest that Iceberg fragrance and Iceberg perfume is enjoyed and appreciated by many. Its unique and modern scent is definitely worth trying.

Iceberg Perfume

Iceberg Perfume is an eau de parfum with a floral scent, perfect for the lover of delicate and tender fragrances. It contains notes of bright and crisp notes of green florals, red rose, white gardenia, and delicate jasmine. Undertones of warm, and woody base notes of musk, sandalwood and patchouli provide lasting depth and an intriguing blend of scents to enjoy. Overall, Iceberg Perfume is different, elegant, and unique, ideal for women who want to stand out and make a statement while wearing a fresh and light fragrances.

Iceberg Perfume is one of the distinguishing perfumes of Iceberg Fragrance. It captures the essence of Italian scents with its classic, contemporary feel, making it one of the most amazing perfumes in its portfolio. Iceberg Perfume rounds out the selection of fabulous scents offered by Iceberg Fragrance, certainly a scent worth experiencing.

When it comes to special, beautiful, and unique fragrances, Iceberg Fragrance and Iceberg Perfume has it all. The perfect blend of modern and classic scents makes Iceberg Fragrance and Iceberg Perfume the ideal choice for those seeking to make a statement, experience something different and get noticed. From the spectrum of florals to the bold and daring fragrances, there is something for everyone within the Iceberg Fragrance portfolio. Awesome is your ideal destination for all of your Iceberg Fragrance and Iceberg Perfume needs.

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