What Cologne Did Men Wear In The Seventies?


It was a time of change & new colognes matched the evolving styles. From woodsy scents to citrusy aromas, men had plenty of choices when it came to finding the perfect cologne for them. 

So, what cologne did men wear in the seventies? Check out this article to find out!

What Is Cologne & What Does It Do For Men?

Cologne is a fragrance that is typically worn by men. It is a scent applied to the skin & it is designed to last for several hours. 

Cologne can be composed of different fragrances, such as citrus, woodsy, or floral scents. When applied, cologne can help to improve a man’s self-confidence & make him feel more attractive. 

It can also help to mask body odor & make him smell more pleasant.

How & When To Wear Cologne?

Cologne is typically worn when a man wants to smell more pleasant. It can also be a fun way to express himself & add some flair to his style. 

Many men choose to wear their cologne when they are going out on a date or meeting with friends. Still, it is also a popular accessory to wear daily.

What Was In Style In The 1970s?

In the seventies, colognes were still very popular for men of all ages. During this period, many men chose to wear scents with woodsy aromas. Some popular colognes from the seventies included English Leather, Brut (for men) & L’Air Du Temps.

Colognes That Were Popular In The ’70s.

One of the most popular colognes in the seventies was Drakkar Noir. This woodsy scent was perfect for the man who wanted to smell like he had just stepped out of a pine forest. 

Other popular colognes from that decade included Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier, Eternity by Calvin Klein & Polo by Ralph Lauren.

Each of these colognes had a unique smell that reflected the styles of the seventies. Drakkar Noir was woodsy & masculine, while Le Male was a bit spicier & had a hint of vanilla. Eternity was fresh, romantic & a little sweeter, while Polo gave off a very clean & sporty scent.

Men could choose whatever cologne they liked based on their own personal tastes. Still, no matter which one they chose, there was no doubt that the men of the seventies were as dapper as ever.

Some other colognes that men wore in the 70s.


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