Cologne: What is Cologne?

When buying a perfume, cologne or any fragrance, there can be a lot to decipher — brand, price, type & you might be given a few clues as to what the bottle actually holds. You will probably acknowledge categories of fragrances, but you may not know what those terms mean

Finding the right concentration is as important as choosing the perfect scent. If it is too light, it is going to fade away too quickly. If it is too strong, it is going to choke you (& everyone near you) out, which is a quick way to ruin an otherwise lovely scent.

Before moving ahead with this article, you must have the knowledge of how these fragrances are made? Manufacturers blend the natural & synthetic oils that give fragrances their scent with a carrier like alcohol. This stabilizes the scent & dilutes the oils to create what you smell on your skin.

The alcohol is just as important as the oils because it controls the concentration of the scent & how long it lasts.

What Exactly Is Cologne?

Cologne is normally an umbrella term for masculine scents in North America. Still, eau de cologne is actually the term for a very light concentration of perfume oils, usually 2 to 4 per cent, that is cut with more alcohol & lasts only for a few hours. These are great to spritz on & freshen up, but not for all-day, lasting wear.


It’s a generic term that is associated with all Most perfumes for men who have adopted the name ‘Eau de Cologne’ or simply ‘Cologne’ for short.

Despite this generic term used industry-wide, traditionally, the word was representative of the extract & purity contained within the vial.

  • The perfumes was typically 15-40% aromatic compounds
  • Eau de Toilette was 5–15%
  • Eau de Cologne or Cologne was a mere 3–8%.

Furthermore, there are 3 types of implications for the term “cologne”:

  1. The fresh, citrus fragrance created by Farina in Germany.
  2. The aromatic compound which indicated it was a less concentrated version of more potent perfumes.
  3. The generic term which denotes it is a perfume for men, which is used in combination with the name “Eau de Toilette”

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