Why We Wear Perfume

Scented oils are not new. In fact, even ancient civilizations have used fragrances to improve their body smell and attract others to them. But why do we go through the hassle of finding the perfect scent to wear? It’s actually quite complicated. Perfumes include scents that make us happy for various reasons, but you may also choose to wear a certain brand because it was recommended by someone you like or admire. Of course, which scent you wear is part of what makes you unique.

Perfumes Makes Us Happy

Perfumes are powerful. Many scents include one or several pheromones, which have been shown to stimulate sexual appetite – although so far they only seem to work on men. Naturally, when women wear a perfume that is appealing to a potential partner, it makes them feel good about themselves, too. Of course, these scents are fleeting, which is why a woman may reapply her favorite scent after she excuses herself during dinner.

Scent is strongly linked to your memory. In fact, you may recall certain events when you notice the same fragrance again. For example, many women are reminded of their own mother when they smell a specific perfume. Oftentimes, it would be put on for a specific occasion, such as going on a date. Children could get a whiff of the scent when their mother says goodbye and this scent may stay with them for a lifetime.

Perfume can also remind us of other scents that we love. For example, it may smell like a favorite fruit, such as strawberry or raspberry. Of course, men’s cologne can also become a memorable scent. Maybe a partner’s favorite sweater smells like the cologne they use every day.

Another reason why fragrances inspire happiness is that wearing a new scent can transport you somewhere else. When you don’t smell like you do every day, you can pretend to be someone else or somewhere else. Whether you’re dreaming of escaping to a tropical island or a fun evening in the city, a new scent can make you feel like a new person much like new clothes can transform anyone from the outside.

Perfumes Promote Individuality

When you wear a certain type of perfume, you’re asserting your individuality. Considering there are thousands of different brands to choose from, the one you choose may say a lot about who you are as a person. Most people have more than one favorite brand, too. You may choose several different brands and use each of them for different occasions. For example, you probably have a scent you wear every day to work, but then there’s the brand that you only put on for date night or other special occasions.

Your tastes can change overtime, too. Whether someone surprised you with a new scent or you got a tester perfume you really liked – there’s always the option to select a different perfume to use. Besides, perfumes have a long lifespan, which is why it’s fine to have several different bottles ready to use when you want them.

Fragrances Inspire

While our noses aren’t as powerful as a dog’s nose, we do perceive much of the world we live in through our sense of smell. In a way, trying out a new fragrance can be a little like putting on sunglasses or rose-colored glasses for a day. It can help you see the world differently – even just for a little bit. Naturally, perfumes can make you feel inspired to try something new.

If you admire certain celebrities, you might like to try their cologne. You could also admire the perfume one of your friends wears and give it a try yourself. Sometimes, we got a recommendation for a new scent, and you were excited to try it out. Lastly, you could have sampled it from a magazine or other ad and liked it enough to try it. It’s not always the fragrance itself, but the way it is packaged that seems enticing. It could be the name of the brand or the image on the bottle.

It Marks a Special Occasion

While many people wear deodorant on a daily basis, not everyone uses perfumes every day. Brand name fragrances are often viewed the same way as a fancy cocktail dress or a new designer purse. Perfumes are partly an accessory that is necessary to complete the perfect outfit. It’s really no wonder that we associate perfumes with good things, because many of those days that require perfumes are fun to remember – whether that’ s a dance, a first date, or a wedding.


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